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Professional Telehealth Counseling in Ohio

Inspiring Hope Counseling offers telehealth counseling to residents of Ohio. Our team of professionals desires to inspire the individual and to instill a sense of hope about the future. With Telehealth we offer the flexibility of being able to “see” your therapist wherever you are. You can get an appointment sooner and at a more convenient time for you. Telehealth can provide you with improved communication, convenient access to up-to-date information, improved access to therapy and it reduces lost work time and travel costs.

Take The First Step Toward Improved Mental Health 

We encourage you to contact us today. Inspiring Hope Counseling values you and believes that everyone’s life has meaning and purpose. We are passionate about supporting you in overcoming whatever challenge(s) you may be facing.

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Telehealth-Counseling Services

Our office offers a flat fee schedule for cash paying clients and also collects from most insurance companies including Medicaid. Unfortunately, we are unable to collect from Medicare at this time. You may call the office at 419-633-3333 and talk to our staff about your individual needs.

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Click the link below to schedule your secure telehealth session today.

Get to Know Us

Inspiring Hope Counseling is a private mental health practice, employing licensed professionals. All therapists are trained to provide a range of services for children, adolescents, adults, families, and couples. For additional information, please click the link below.

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